IT Plans Terms and Conditions

  • A valid U.S. credit card is required to sign up for any Personal or Business IT Plan (also referred to as a managed services plan or Mac Maintenance Plan) and will be securely stored by Aim High!’s secure merchant to be used for renewals, and additional approved customer purchases.
  • The Plan level must be selected at the time of registration and can only be changed once per year on the Plan Renewal Date by notifying Aim High! prior to the Plan Renewal Date.
  • Service Credits and Included Classes can be used by any person who resides at the Plan holder’s home address.
  • Unlimited remote classes are included with Classic and Mentor Plans
  • Aim High! MD maintenance plan is included in every Plan, and can be installed on one Mac that is owned by the Plan-holder. Additional Macs to be added to The Plan-holder’s account must be owned by individuals residing at the same physical home address as the Member; or within the same company; and added to the monthly billing at the add-on rate.
  • Service Credits, whether purchased prior to or included with Plan do not expire as long as account has been paid.
  • All accumulated credits will be forfeited immediately following cancellation or nonpayment of Plan charges.
  • Service Credits may be used towards any Training, Projects, Phone/Remote Support, Core Classes, or Mac Service at Aim High! or on-site at the Member’s designated location.
  • Member Credits will be deducted in 15-minute/quarterly increments. On-Site Visits require a minimum 1-hour time frame.
  • Appointments requested outside of regular business hours (Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM, Saturday 10AM-4PM) will be assessed .5 Member Credits for every 1 Hour of real time in addition to the regular Credit Rate and are subject to tech or trainer availability.
  • Emergency visits not previously scheduled may be subject to 1 additional credit plus the regular rate.
  • On-Site Visit charges will be calculated using Google Maps according to the distance to the Plan holder’s designated location from the Aim High! location at Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas Street, Suite 280, Aurora, CO 80010.
  • Training Appointments should be arranged in advance by calling Aim High! at 303-271-1288 or booking online at Any Training Appointments cancelled with less than a 24 hour window, or no-shows will be subject to a 1 Credit Cancellation Fee.
  • Plans billed monthly will be automatically billed and charged at the first (1st) or fifteenth (15th) of each month using the credit card on file. Plans billed annually will be automatically billed and charged on the Renewal Date each year using the credit card on file. If any Plan is cancelled prior to a year from sign-up date, it may be subject to an Early Termination Fee* and all remaining Service Credits will be forfeited.
  • All Plans will be automatically renewed on the first (1st) or fifteenth (15th) of the month on the Plan-holder’s annual renewal date unless the Plan-holder provides notice of cancellation prior to the renewal date.
  • Aim High! reserves the right to adjust terms of this agreement at any time for any reason, and Plan-holders will be notified as necessary.

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New features and services are added to our Plans regularly to help you get the most out of your Mac. Please speak with us if you have any questions or concerns.

* Early Termination Fee is determined by standard rate of services rendered minus remainder of unused credits.
* Business plans have additional terms and conditions which may vary from the standard terms listed here.